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Our Green Waste soil conditioner is produced from 100% green waste raw material without any chemical enhanced and animal waste through our proprietary production process in the palm oil plantation. It is hygiene, clean and safe from any harmful bacterial.

Our soil conditioner works extremely well for the poor soil condition such as sand, slit and clay. Our organic matters will binds with the soil particle to form small crumbs. Crumbly soil have a good structure, as opposed to sand, which has a poor structure because it is too coarse, or clay act like a cement when it is wet. Any nutrients cannot be contains under this soil condition. Our soil conditioner will hold water and moisture on their surfaces, making it available to your plants as they need it and also retain the nutrients in the soil. It means that irrigation is lesser and drainage is improved.


1) N:P:K : 2:1:2: with trace element (Boron, Copper, Iron, Maganese, Zinc)

2) Organic Matter : > 50%

3) Moisture : < 25%

4) PH : 7.5 - 9.0

5) Seed Germination : > 80%

6) Packing : 25 Kg, 40 Kg, 1 MT Jumbo Bag

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