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Tea oil is contracted from seeds of camellia, and is a traditional edible vegetable oil in China. GreenSea Camellia Oil is high-class oil made out by modern techniques basing on traditional methods of oil making. It maintains the clearness and fragrance of traditional camellia oil as well, and is still natural in flavor as superb oil. It meets the tastes of people today as a kind of high-class high-quality healthy edible oil. It is fully in conformity with national standards. With more than 85% of oil acid (Single unsaturated fatty acid) , and over 94% of unsaturated fat, it is easy to be absorbed by human body along with its nutrition. Scientific research proves that the organization of camellia oil fatty acid is similar with that of olive oil while it beats the latter in average elements, therefore it should be a kind of high-class edible oil along with olive oil.
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