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Polycarbonate greenhouse:
1. Hot galvanized steel structure
2. Covering material: polyvarbonate(8mm,10mm)
3. Venlo type
3. Span: 8m,9.6m,10m,12m
4. Equipments: shading nets, fans, wet pad, heating system, etc
5. Section: 4m/5m
6. Type: Venlo, Arch, Tip

Our products are widely used in agriculture for vegetable and flower growing, researching, ecotype restaurant , etc.
PC sheet multi-span greenhouse
Large lighting area and even light distribution
Best warm keeping performance, energy saving for heating,
Large area for cultivating, high efficiency of land utility
Strong drainage ability- suitable for large scale planting
It is suitable for luxury flower planting, seed nursery, flower market, eco-restaurant, etc.