Sell Grid-off solar power station

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Main Functions:

Up to now, approximately 50 solar PV power stations have been designed and installed by the Company for the following applications:

; Remote Town/Village Electrification
; Grid-connected Systems
; PV-wind Hybrid Power Systems
; Power Supplies for Telecommunications
; Power Supplies for Oil and Gas Fields
; Power Supplies for Road Lighting
70KW solar power station(Pumie)
Specifications of the solar PV power stations vary according to the different requirements and applications of different clients. The following are the general specifications.
 Photovoltaic ("PV") Modules - Solar high-efficiency, mono-crystalline silicon or polycrystalline PV modules. Module capacity: 40Wp  130Wp.
 Strong Array Structure  The array structure is made of zincified steel and strong enough to resist heavy wind. PV array tilt is fixed or adjustable to maximize solar energy collection.
 Charge Controller  Intelligent solar charge controllers up to the industrial standards, with functions of battery temperature compensation, digital display, parameter presetting or optimized default operation, low consumption, fault diagnosis & alarming, RS232/48 interface, high efficiency charge/discharge, and multiple power outlets, etc.
 Inverter  High-efficiency and reliable sine wave inverters up to industrial standards, suitable for the applications of solar PV systems which are featured in wide voltage input, stable output, high overloading adaptability, auto protection, battery