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Product Name: 5-HTP
Botanical Name: Griffonia Seed P. E.
Specification: 98% 99%
Analysis: HPLC

Griffonia simplicifolia is a stout, woody, climbing shrub growing to about 3 m with greenish flowers and inflated black pods. Griffonia's main habitat is in West & Central Africa. Found mostly in thickets, usually associated with mounds of the termite Macrotermes on plains, in forests, in secondary vegetation and on old farms. G simplicifolia is an evergreen and has wide adaptability; it produces fair quantities of highly palatable herbage of good nutritive value, and fair quantities of large, viable seeds.

Traditional Use of Griffornia Seed Extract
Griffornia Silmplicifolia grows in west african countries like Ghana and Ivory Beach and is widely used in the preparation of lectins, as an enema, and in the treatment of nephridium disease.

Pharmacological Study of Griffornia Seed Extract
Many studies found that this plant has a high content of 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) high play important roles in-mediating many of its pharmacological functions. Its a neurotransmitter that help to regulate many mental activities such as mood, ppetite and anger and sleep.

Benefits of 5-HTP including:
Elevate mood in cases of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks
Treat insomnia
Promote weight loss
Ease migraine pain
Increase tolerance to the pain of fibromyalgia
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