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There are several scientific studies supporting that high-molecular-weight polysaccharides can produce greater immune stimulating effects.

The primary active compound, the hot water-extracted polysaccharides of Grifola Umbellata, is composed of B(1-3) (1-6) D-glucans.
In recent Japanese animal studies on the anti-cancer effects of various medicinal mushrooms, Grifola Umbellata produced the second best result of all.

The higher ordered structures (triple helices) of high- molecular-weight B-D-glucans are believed to be responsible for the considerable immunomodulatory activity (Maeda et al. , 1988) .

Grifola Umbellata Vs. Other Mushrooms1
Mushrooms Dosage/d Recovery Rates Anti-cancer Effect M. W.
Agaricus Blazei 10mmg 90.0% 99.4% 1,000K
Grifola Umbellata 10mmg 90.0% 98.5% 800K
Shiitake 30mmg 54.5% 80.7% 500K
Coriolus 30mmg 50.0% 77.5% 100K
Reishi 30mmg 20.0% 77.8% 15K
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