Sell Ground Searching Metal Detectors MD-5008

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MD-5008 metal detectors, 3-3.5m depth of detection, adopt advanced technique and attach high quality components which have features of ground balance, good discrimination ability, wide detection range, accurate orientation, strong resolution and easy operation. The metal detectors are mainly used to detect and identify underground metals. Besides military using, they are widely used in:
1. Security inspection, public security organs ransack:
2. Scan metal foreign matter in raw, fuel and foods;
3. Scan metal articles in mail or luggage;
4. Detect underground pipelines, cables;
5. Archeology, mineral exploration, find underground metal articles.
Technical specification:
1. Emission Frequency: 6.99KHz
2. Signal Frequency: 437Hz
3. Weight: 2.87KG
4. Sensitivity: Small coil: 25~30cm (test 25US cent)
Big coil: 35~40cm (test 25US cent)
5. Max Detection: Small coil: 1.5 meters
Big coil: 3.0~3.5 meters
This conclusion is elicited by testing a aluminium sheet (60cm*60cm*1cm) buried in dry soil.
6. Power Supply: 8pcs 1.5V Batteries
Attach external battery box and bag
7. Operation Mode: Ground balance mode; Discrimination mode.
8. Packing: 4pcs/ctn