Sell Guard Tour Patrol CP-4000TA

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Durable alloy case that resists drops, erosion and water, stainless steel contact
the only Data Collection with reading button under the water in China. Unique gun-type appearance is designed according to the human body engineering. The stainless steel can be stretch out and return back for reading information with performances of shock resistance, erosion resistance and no deformation. Supported by 3V lithium battery and treated by various surface technologies.

Dimension: 120W45W25 mm
Weight: 200g
Material: Alloy
Storage volume: 4094 pieces
Power: 2 batteries of 3V
lithium-manganese explosion-proof
Operation temperature:-20-+800

1990A American original TM button is the base of patrol system, which installs the high-performance integrated circuit chip in the stainless container with the functions of waterproof, shock-resistance and durability. The only ID code is stored inside. It is used for the necessary checking place or equipment, and can be also used for the identification of personnel or event.

TM button: CP---1990A
Dimension: 16.3W5.6mm Weight: 1.6g Material: stainless steel.
Operation temperature:-20-+800