Sell Guard Tour Reader(BP-2002)

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BP-2002 Series Guard Tour Readers works with the popular EM format signal cards, which are low in cost and have been widely used in systems including work-attendance checking, access control, fee collection, parking management, etc. The readers have been used in guard tour systems as well as other applications including time and attendance, vehicle management, animal identification, parts management, etc.

The BP-2002 Series Guard Tour Readers are available in two models:

BP-2002 has a four-digit alphanumeric LCD display, and is able to display information such as time, card number, event number, serial number, etc. It is suitable for applications where it is important to have access to the information related to the signal cards read.
BP-2002B comes without the LCD display, and is able to work at a lower temperature range than the BP-2002 (-40C0 instead of -20C0) . Because of this, it has been widely used under frigid conditions in northern regions. The BP-2002B is also more durable due to the lack of a LCD display.
The exterior of the BP-2002 Series Guard Tour Readers can be processed in two different ways: electroplating or plastic-coating. Other than making the appearance different, the two exterior treatments do not affect the device's operations differently. The electroplated exterior has a more elegant look, while the plastic coated exterior is more durable and has a better hand-feel.


1. Make readings without contact
Can read from signal cards by moving the readers near them, not affected by dust, rain, snow, ice, or other environmental factors. Much more convenient than traditional readers that require precise contacts with information buttons, especially at night. Moreover, prolonged usaged of traditional contact-type readers can cause the contact-points to wear out, and they are very difficult to use under adverse weather.

2. Ruggedized and Shock-Absorbent Design
First in the industry to use super-reinforced aluminum-alloy casing, and have shock-absorbent internal designs. Can withstand over 200 drops onto concrete floor from over 2 meters' height.

3. Completely Waterproof
Sealed against liquids, work under water.

4. Reliable Flash Memory Data Storage
Use advanced Flash memory technology, do not lose their data even when batteries run out. It is capable of storing 28,671 pieces of guard tour data. Competing products use battery-operated RAM, can lose all of their stored information once the batteries run out, and can only store a few thousand pieces of data.

5. Easy to Carry
Length: 150 mm, Width: 42 mm, Thickness: 26 mm, weigh less than 200 g, making them convenient to carry.

6. Protect Against Battery Draining
The devices automatically turns off when a button is held down for too long. Protect against intentional battery draining.

7. Reads EM Signal Cards
Reads the popular EMID signal cards, can be used at numerous installed systems including work-attendance checking, access control, fee collection, parking management, etc.

8. Long Reading Range
Can read from signal cards 4-10 cm away (see chart below) .

Card Type
Reading Distance
85X54mm Standard EM Card 8cm-10cm
50mm Round Card > 7cm
22mm Round Card > 5cm
4mmX28mm Cylinder Card > 5cm
30mm Round Card > 5.2cm
18mm Round Card > 4cm