Sell Guard Tour Reader (BP-2002S)

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The BP-2002S Super Durable Guard Tour Reader employs many revolutionary new technologies in creating the ultimate guard tour product. In addition to a three-layer anti-shock design, the reading button as well as the data connection ports have been eliminated in making a truely indestructable guard tour reader.

The BP-2002S Super Durable Guard Tour Readers works with the popular EM format signal cards, which are low in cost and have been widely used in systems including work-attendance checking, access control, fee collection, parking management, etc. The readers have been used in guard tour systems as well as other applications including time and attendance, vehicle management, animal identification, parts management, etc.

1. Super-Durable Design

Steel or aluminum alloy body, molded rubber shell. Silicone gel padding and epoxy resin protect the internal electronics against shocks.

2. Completely Waterproof

Sealed against liquids, work under water.

3. Automatic Card-Reading

Detects and reads signal cards without button pressing, making the unit easy to use.

4. Wireless Data transfer

Uploads reader data wirelessly without the need for connection ports. Does not consume energy from reader during transfer (using comm stations BS-1000, BS-2000, BS-3000, or BS-4000) , making usage more convenient and the readers more resistant to damage.

5. Remote Upload

Able to remotely upload data to the PC over phone-line or GPRS mobile phone networks.

6. Energy Efficient

Lasts approximately 2 years on a single non-rechargable 3v battery (CR123A) .

7. Reliable Flash Memory Data Storage

Use advanced Flash memory technology, do not lose their data even when batteries run out. It is capable of storing 30,719 pieces of guard tour data. Competing products use battery-operated RAM, can lose all of their stored information once the batteries run out, and can only store a few thousand pieces of data.

8. Make readings without contact

Can read from signal cards by moving the readers near them, not affected by dust, rain, snow, ice, or other environmental factors. Much more convenient than traditional readers that require precise contacts with information buttons, especially at night. Moreover, prolonged usaged of traditional contact-type readers can cause the contact-points to wear out, and they are very difficult to use under adverse weather.

9. Easy to Carry

The small size (120x35x26mm, 130 to 200g depending on whether using aluminum alloy or steel body) and rubberized outer shell make carrying and operating easy and comfortable.

10. Reads EM Signal Cards

Reads the popular EMID signal cards, can be used at numerous installed systems including work-attendance checking, access control, fee collection, parking management, etc.

11. Long Reading Range

Can read from signal cards 3 to 6 cm away