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BP-2002K Series Data Collection Terminals are revolutionary new products introduced by Bluecard that incorporates many proprietary technologies that greatly extends the concept of guard tour readers. It can not only be used to mange patrolling personnel, but can be used to enter complex data, and replace traditional paper-and-pen based polling methods.

BP-2002K Series Data Collection Terminals works with the popular EM format signal cards, which are low in cost and have been widely used in systems including work-attendance checking, access control, fee collection, parking management, etc. The readers have been used in guard tour systems as well as other applications including time and attendance, vehicle management, animal identification, parts management, etc.

BP-2002K Series Data Collection Terminals are available in two models:

The BP-2002K has 10 additional numeric buttons in addition to the four operating buttons, allowing for fast data entry.
The BP-2002H is more resistant to damage due to the lack of the numeric buttons. The user can use the "up" and "down" buttons to scroll for each numberic entry.
The exterior of the BP-2002K Series Data Collection Terminals can be processed in two different ways: electroplating or plastic-coating. Other than making the appearance different, the two exterior treatments do not affect the device's operations differently. The electroplated exterior has a more elegant look, while the plastic coated exterior is more durable and has a better hand-feel.

1. Ruggedized and Shock-Absorbent Design
Uses super-reinforced aluminum-alloy casing, and have shock-absorbent internal designs. Can withstand over 100 drops onto concrete floor from over 2 meters' height.

2. Completely Waterproof
Sealed against liquids, work under water.

3. Reads Multiple Formats of RFID Signal Cards
Depending on customer needs, can be configured to work with EMID, Temic, Mifare and other RFID card formats.

4. Large Back-Lit Screen
112 x 64 pixels (14 x 4 characters) , able to display complex data. Back-lit for easy operation under low-light conditions.

5. Wireless Data Transfer and Recharge
Uploads reader data wirelessly without the need for connection ports. Does not consume energy from reader during transfer (using comm stations BS-1000, BS-3000, or BS-4000) , making usage more convenient and the readers more resistant to damage.

Recharges wirelessly while inside comm station.

6. Intelligent Programming
Allows for the customization of each checkpoint reading. For example, after reading a checkpoint, the unit will prompt the user to enter data related to that location (e. g. pressure and temperature gauges installed near by) .

7. Automatic Route Navigation
Can be programmed to show unpatrolled checkpoints, equipments, and areas to the user, as well as prompting the user with the next unpatrolled checkpoint.

8. Reliable Flash Memory Data Storage
Use advanced Flash memory technology, do not lose their data even when batteries run out. Memory capacity is over 8MB, able to store tens of thousands of records. Able to display multiple languages.

9. Energy Efficient
Works with 900mAh rechargable lithium battery, able to operate for one month with each charge. In automatic card-detection mode consumes less than 0.2mAh.

10. Make readings without contact
Can read from signal cards by moving the readers near them, not affected by dust, rain, snow, ice, or other environmental factors. Much more convenient than traditional readers that require precise contacts with information buttons, especially at night. Moreover, prolonged usaged of traditional contact-type readers can cause the contact-points to wear out, and they are very difficult to use under adverse weather.

11. Easy to Carry
Size: 110x50x22mm, weight: 170g, making them convenient to carry.

12. Long Reading Range
Can read from signal cards 4-10 cm away