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Trapezoid Duplex reflectIVE Guardrail Delineator
No. : HT-DE-1
DImension: 120*50*70mm
Materials: Double Refletor, ABS, iron
Color: Yellow

Features: a) It is applicable to the tunnels, bridge and circuitous road.
b) It can be fastened on the wall
Characteristics: Uses the steel bracket, reflects light the lens the PMMA material which imports for Japan, the service life is long, the reflection performance is good. The organization mold formation, wall thickness is even, the anti-collision intensity is good. use: Widely applies in roadsides and so on road, tunnel, bridge, circuitous path symbolized, but reliable fixing on the profile guard rail, the reflect rays is even at night, does not dazzle, plays induces the pilot correct direction of travel the role, specially in the curve place, the mountain road and the curved local function is more prominent, may reduce the traffic accident to occur greatly.