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Guitar Parts You May Also Be Interested In: cover plates guitar bodies guitar parts les paul pickguards
Please check our Guitar Parts available as Follows:

Guitar Bodies/Necks, Machine Heads (Tuning Keys) , Machine Head Bushings, Guitar String Mounting Ferrules, Nuts, Locking Nuts, Pickups, Bridges, Tailpieces, Control Knobs, 3-way/5-way lever switch (3-way toggle switch) , Pickguards, Output Jacks, Cover Plates (Switch plate, Spring cover plate, Neck joint plate, Control plate, etc. ) , Strap Button, Screws, etc. .

Also, we can supply the parts above by set basis, such as Les Paul Part Kit, Strat or Tele Part Kit, etc.

Once receiving your inquiry, we will send you the catalogues for your pick.

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