Sell Guitar for Nintendo DS Lite AL-055

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Guitar hero grips for NDSL guitar hero NDS lite will be available exclusively as part of a limited-time bundle with Guitar Hero.

1. It's less than two-thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS and more than 20 percent lighter.
2. Its two bright screens can be adjusted to four levels to adapt to different lighting conditions and to extend battery power.
3. The microphone sits in the center of the unit, and the LED lights are clearly visible whether the unit is open or closed.
4. The stylus is 1 centimeter longer and 1 millimeter thicker than the stylus of the original, and slides into a side storage slot.
5. The Start and Select buttons were repositioned for easier access.
6. A removable cover keeps the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot clear from dust.

Insert the Wii guitar game disc NDS lite game disc
Connect the sonsole, turn on power. And enter the game
The left hand in the strp, and handing with the fingers for playing, right hand to simulate string
Insert the headset if you do not want the out voice.