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Guozhen Pine Pollen
Guozhen Pine Pollen is a purely natural health food taking the manually-gathered pollen of Chinese Pinus Massoniana Lamb. and Pinus Tabulaeformis Carr. , two species of pine trees, as the main material, and refined by modern low-temperature sporoderm-breaking technology.

The history of taking pine pollen in China can date back to over 2000 years ago, for it is rich in nutrients and bioactive substances such as amino acids, vitamins, trace-elements, enzymes, flavonoids, nucleic acid, unsaturated fatty acid and dietary fiber. Guozhen Pine Pollen has good effects on promoting metabolism, regulating the endocrine system, oxidation resistance, anti-fatigue and improving body immunity. It is a pure natural healthcare product for replenishing nutrients, aging resistance and beauty care, body strengthening and keeping the youthful vigor of the body.

This product contains no preservatives and pharmacological experiments show that it has no toxic side effects.

 Purely Natural: This product mainly takes the pollen of Pinus Massoniana Lamb. and Pinus Tabulaeformis Carr. growing in the hills and mountainous areas of South and East China as its raw materials, which is basically non-polluted by pesticides and chemical fertilizer. In addition, pine pollen is manually gathered, making it pure with pine flowers as the only source with stable composition and free of animal hormones.

Fully Nutritious: Since it contains over 200 bioactive nutrients for the body, which can sufficiently replenish and balance nutrients necessary for health, pine pollen enjoys the name of Natural Micro Nutrient Depository.

Fully Bioactive: Each grain of pine pollen is a small viable life. Scientific researches prove that, within 48 hours of a pine pistil getting fertilized, its embryo can grow by 100,000 times. This results from that all of the nutrients of the pollen are bioactive. A minimum 99% sporoderm-breaking rate of the pollen is achieved by adopting the low-temperature sporoderm-breaking technology applied on spaceflight, which ensures the full release of all of the nutrient content and active substances of the pine pollen and thus makes it more easily absorbed by the body.

Net Weight: 180 tablets x 0.5 g
Ingredient: pine pollen, cane sugar

Retail Price: USD56/Bottle
Instruction: Take orally, 3 times daily, and 3-6 tablets each time. Take before meals for best effect. 
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