Sell H&M Gelato Ice Cream Blast Freezer

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>Ideal machine for the restaurant, bakeries, pastry and artisan gelato/ice cream ice cream
production. very fast freeze the material under -35 C . D.
>Indispensability used to quickly make the homemade gelato/ice cream more harder
after the Batch Freezer process finished.
>Chilling cavity with rounded corners and opening on the bottom for liquid drainage.
>High density injected CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation with 7 cm thickness.
>Insulated door with self-closing device and full height handle
>Automatic door switch stops fan operation when door is open.
>Blast chilling and blast freezing controlled by core probe or by timer.
>Digital read-out of the chilling cavity or of core product temperature.
>Outside Surfaces and Chilling Cavity in 304 Stainless
>R404a refrigerate gas.