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[Alias Name]: H-Acid monosodium salt
[Molecular Structure]

[MW] 341.30
[Performance] Grey powder, slightly dissolves in water, can dissolve in the sodium carbonate solution. Dilute the H-acid monosodium salt will present blue and red fluorescent light. Reacts with the nitrous acid will turn into the yellow crystalline diazo compound. Reacts with the ferric chloride presents reddish brown; it is red and purple when dissolves in the sodium carbonate solution; dark green in saline solution, apt to dissolves in hot water.
[Usage] Mainly used in the producing acid, direct and reactive dye, also applied in medicine.
[Quality standard] Voluntary Standard: HG/T 1648-2001
Index Name Index Value
Appearance: greyish white to light grey powder
H-acid monosodium salt % >= 85.0
Content of the alkali insolubles (100%) % <= 0.2
Allochromatic acid disodium salt(100%) % <= 2
T-acid disodium salt(100%) % <= 0.5
Moisture Content % <= 5
[Packing] Net weight 25kg iron drum or woven bag, plastic bag inner, or according to customer's enquiry.
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