Sell H beam Shot blasting and Cleaning Machine

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H beam Shot blasting and Cleaning Machine
The series is used for pretreatment of the surface of the H-beam and other steel materials.
Three-dimension dynamic simulating design is adopted, to locate the position of the shot-blasting machine.
Effective blasting and auto control are controlled with PLC programming control and photo-detecting device.
A highly efficient filter-barrel pulse back-blowing dust is equipped

Size of the work-piece Section(WWH) 600W1200mm 80W1600mm 1000W1800mm
Length of the work-piece 3000-12000mm 3000-12000mm 3000-12000mm
Quality standard Cleanness of the surface A-B Sa2~Sa2= A-B Sa2~Sa2= A-B Sa2~Sa2=
Roughness of the surface 15~505m 15~505m 15~505m
Shot-blasting machine Quan 4 8 8
Quan of shot-blasting 4W250Kg/min 8W200Kg/min 8W250Kg/min
Power 4W15kw 8W11kw 8W15kw
Inlet and outlet conveyor Allowable load 1000Kg/m 1000Kg/m 1000Kg/m
Conveying velocity 0.4-4m/min 0.4-4m/min 0.4-4m/min
Ventilation capacity 15300m3/h 15300m3/h 20400m3/h
Circulating quan of the shots 70T/h 96T/h 120T/h
Nominal size(LWWWH) 24000W3640W5100mm 26400W4105W6030mm 32100W4555W6500mm
Depth of the pit 1490mm 2090mm 2210mm
Total power 106.7kw 137kw 183.9kw