Sell H beam cutting assembly welding straightening production line

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H beam cutting assembly welding straightening coating production line
CNC/Multi-head Strip Cutting Machine, FOB shanghai USD 28500
Advanced and reliable FAGOR-CNC controller is equipped.
There are many operating functions, and the machine is convenient and utility.
The machine can meet plasma/flame cutting.
Full auto-cutting process is fast-speed, highly efficient.
There are many offset functions, such as cutting seam offset, back-directional nap offset, spiral offset. It is equipped with many sets of CNC strip cutting torches, to complete mass production.
It is equipped with many accessorial devices, such as auto-ignition, auto-adjustment of height, powder-spraying laying out and auto-programming control.
The whole machine is advanced, and its performance is stable and reliable.
Cutting roughness reaches Ra12.5.
H-beam Auto-assembling Machine, FOB shanghai USD 36400
Auto-tack welding is controlled with PLC+SPWM programming.
After aligning, flange and web are assembled automatically.
The alignment system is macrostructure, and good in steel performance.
There are baffles of hydraulic lift device on the top.
It is close to switch auto-checking steel end face.
The whole machine is stable in performance, and easy in operation.
Gantry Auto-welding Machine, FOB shanghai USD 26100
The machine is adopted with synchronized drive of the two sides, and stable in traveling performance.
Reliable three-spindle mechanic tracking system for welding seams.
High-precise SPWM AC speed adjustment system.
The machine is provided with high-efficient flux auto-recovering system. And two sets of single-arc and single-wire are adopted to perform synchronously weld.
The welding machine and the gantry auto-welding machine are performed integrated interlocking, and it is highly efficient in welding.
Heavy duty hydraulic H-beam Flange Straightening Machine, FOB shanghai USD 63300
The machine is highly efficient in conveying, and quick in correcting velocity.