Sell H-beam shot blasting and painting production line

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H-beam coating production line, H-beam shot blasting and painting production line
The production line is used to make coating of steel structure, so it has greatly shortened the processing period, and improved the sticking force of the painted film.
The production line reduces the laboring intensity of workers, and improves working circumstances.
Size of the work-piece Section(WWH) 600W1200mm 80W1600mm 1000W1800mm
Length of the work-piece 3000-12000mm 3000-12000mm 3000-12000mm
Quality standard Cleanness of the surface A-B Sa2~Sa2= A-B Sa2~Sa2= A-B Sa2~Sa2=
Roughness of the surface 15~505m 15~505m 15~505m
Shot-blasting machine Quan 4 8 8
Quan of shot-blasting 4W250Kg/min 8W200Kg/min 8W250Kg/min
Power 4W15kw 8W11kw 8W15kw
Inlet and outlet conveyor Allowable load 1000Kg/m 1000Kg/m 1000Kg/m
Conveying velocity 0.4-4m/min 0.4-4m/min 0.4-4m/min
Ventilation capacity 15300m3/h 15300m3/h 20400m3/h
Circulating quan of the shots 70T/h 96T/h 120T/h
Nominal size(LWWWH) 24000W3640W5100mm 26400W4105W6030mm 32100W4555W6500mm
Depth of the pit 1490mm 2090mm 2210mm
Total power 106.7kw 137kw 183.9kw