Sell H.264+ DVR card 1704HF+

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Enhanced H.264 Algorithm Hardware Compression Realtime D1 Format Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Card 1704HF+

PHILIPSmainstream PNX1701 adopted real-time hardware encoding card which can simultaneously
process 4 channels D1 with 4 high frequency DSP chips.

Product Features
1, PHILIPS mainstream PNX1701 adopted real-time hardware encoding card, which can simultaneously process 4 channels D1 with 4 high frequency DSP chips, is especially fit for important places such as all kinds of pivotal roads, financial institutions and industrial manufacture.
2, Enhanced H.264 algorithm (MainProfile) is adopted, which is 4 times more complex than H.264 algorithm, has reduced compression code rate to 60%, which makes it especially fit for network transmission.
3, When playback code rate decreased to 1M, there is still no trace or mosaic in playback, the image is clear, and the radio from performance to price has been largely improved.
4, Located in high-end market, provides a complete set of independent SDK; it supports Windows2000/XP / LINUX OS. , maximum 16 channels in ordinary commercial computers, and maximum 32 channels in industrial computers when installed. CPU possessing ratio is about 5%. Little system resource is possessed. Strong compatibility, compatible with all kinds of primary main boards and display cards
5, Provides all kinds of intelligent analysis(including a large range of dynamic adjustment, image capture(capture original image) function, optional coding frame format(I, B, P) , image quality and video parameters of video signal; supports motion detection, object detection, OSD, LOGO, local shelter(mosaic) and WATERMARK. Provides finance level board encryption and WATERMARK encryption functions.
Video Parameters
Video Compression Format: Enhanced H.264 (MainProfile)
Coding Definition: PAL: 352W288 (CIF) , 528W384 (2CIF) , 704W576 (D1)
NTSC: 320W240 (CIF) , 480W320 (2CIF) , 640W480 (D1)
Video Input: 4 channel composite analog video signal, optional PAL, NTSC mode
BNC, 1.0Vp-p, impedance: 75(Ohms)
Video Compression Rate: 20K~4M
Code Streaming Mode: Video Streaming/Composite Streaming
Video Frame Rate: PAL: 1~25fps;NTSC: 1~30fps
Preview Resolution: 704W576 (D1) , horizontal lines 450, vertical lines 400
Playback Resolution: 704W576 (D1) , horizontal lines 350, vertical lines 400

Audio Parameters
Audio Compression Format: G.729
Audio Sampling Frequency: 8 KHz
Audio Input: 4-channel voice input, RCA connector

Other Parameters
Working Humidity: 10%~-90%RH
Environment Temperature: -100~+500
Dimension: 107W236mm2
Working Voltage: 5V110%,3.3V110%
Power Supply: 3.3V 0.71A, 5V 3.36A, 12V 0.14A
Power Consumption: 20.8W

Hardware Filter: multilevel hardware filters and De-interlace function are possessed, which can improve image quality efficiently.
Lapping Function: Supports the lap of hardware character/time, supports the lap of Logo and shelter by partial mosaic.
Motion and object detection: Supports motion detection and object detection with multi windows, multi zones, multi-sensitivity with no possession of system resource.
Alarm Function: Supports video loss alarm.
Encryption Function: Supports finance level board encryption, provides the only identifying card number.
Real-time monitoring Function: provides real-time monitoring interface.
Decoding Function: Supports 32-channel decoding at the same time; supports fast, slow, single frame play, single frame capture and partially zoom in; supports optional contrast and luminance in playback.
Coding Function: Supports CBR/HBR working mode. Under HBR mode, the upper limit of code stream can be set, code stream can still be controlled in spite of large noise; video parameters like luminance and contrast can realize dynamic real-time adjustment.
New Functions: provides many special functions such as intelligent image analysis interface, original image capture and etc.

Product Development Supporting and Application
Our company provides entire Windows and Linux SDK, DEMO, source programs, SDK instruction for development, and tools for conversion from coding document to AVI or SDK. This product can be applied to digital monitoring and audio & video processing, supports Windows 2000/XP/Linux operating system. The graphics and sound outputs can be directly put into monitors when the product is combined with 800XMD matrix decoding card of our company, so that a perfect solution for network digital surveillance is provided.
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HighEasy / HiEasy
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18 months