Sell H.264 Standalone DVR (HK-S1016F)

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Signal system: PAL/NTSC

Video input: 1. 0V p-p/75Ohm, BNC, 4 channel /8channels / 16channels

Video output: 1. 0V p-p/75Ohm, BNC, 1 channel

Audio input: -8Db 22kOhm, RCA, 4 channel / 8 channels /16 channels

Audio output: -8Db 3kOhm, RCA, 1 channel

Alarm input: Open circuit / close circuit alarm, photoelectrical isolation protection, 4/8/16 channels input

Alarm output: Relay isolation node output, open circuit or close circuit optional, node capacity 250V/5A, 2 channels

Network interface: 10/100M Base-T, Ethernet interface

Resolution: Image: 704X576 1 channel, 352X576 2 channels, picture in picture, 2 pictures, or 1 picture, 352X288 4 channels, can be 1 picture or 4 pictures display

Recording frames: 4 channels 100 fps /8 channels 200 fps /16 channels 400 fps

HDD: 8 internal hard disks (maximum 250G)

Power consumption: 150W

Network functions: Backup, browse, and control thru LAN; Browse via IE; Backup speed faster than USB

Connection to external hard disk: IDE port directly to external hard disk for backup, Pan lens control, remote operation, alarm signal, motion detection,
VGA output(Selectable) , etc.

Operation mode: Remote control

Operating temperature: -10Centigrade~+50Centigrade; Humidity<90%

Dimensions (WXDXH) : Package size: 520X480X210(mm)
External Shape size: 420X375X100(mm)

Weight: Gross weight: 10kg
Net weight: 8kg
Supply Capacity