Sell H1060# Epoxy Primer (Auto paint)

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H1060# Epoxy Primer for galvanization plates (2K) . Composing: It is a kind of two component protective primer that is made from diversiform modified
resin, rustproofing pigment, shield fillers, hollow microsphere, organic solvent,
etc. with H1160 hardener according to the proportion of 4:1. Characteristics:This primer has excellent adhesive force. It can fast dry at normal temperature;
it has good capacity of elasticity and extension to deformation generated by the
temperature change of substrate, good mechanical character, and excellent saltspray resistance and strong anticorrosive property. Therefore, it is a kind of high
performance automobile primer. Field of Application:This product is applied to metal products that have the higher requirement to anticorrosive.
Property, anticorrosive coatings of car body, car frame, car box andcar bridge of luxurious cars, as well as the primer of electrolytic plate, galvanized
plate, aluminium alloy and other nonferrous metal products and glass fiberreinforced plastic. Reference for construction and notes:1. It is suitable for spray coating and brush coating. Implement the rust removing
treatment to substrate before construction (spray sand to grade Sa2.5, surfaceroughness 30~70 ) .2. Mix well H1060 epoxy primer and H1160 hardener according to the proportion of
4:1, keep curing for 20min (room temperature) , use H1260 thinner to dilute for 18~20s
(T-4, 25 Degree centigrade) , wet-to-wet spray painting twice, dry for 6 hours(or 0.5H/80 Degree centigrade) . After drying, scrape putty or spray intermediate
primer and finishing paint.3. Mix paint every time according to construction using amount, the paint that has
mixed into hardener should be used up in time (use for 4 h at normal temperature) ,
or it will be discarded due to becoming thicker.4. The storage life is one year from the date of commencement of production (if it
is beyond the storage life, please confirm according to the standard inspection;
if it is still qualified, it can be continuously used) . Packing and Storage:Packing Specification: Primer is packed 4L printing iron drums. Hardener is packed 1L printing iron drums. Storage Condition: 5-35 degree centigrade, store in a cool, dry well-ventilated place.