Sell H20 & H30cm & H35cm clear glass hurricane vase

H20 & H30cm & H35cm clear glass hurricane vase You May Also Be Interested In: clear glass clear glass hurricane vase clear glass vase glass hurricane vase hurricane vase
hand-made clear glass hurricane vase, the specifications are as follows:

The tallest: item number MF350-190, size H35*Dia19cm

The middle: item number MF250-155, size H25*Dia15.5cm

The shortest : item number MF-200-130, size H20*Dia13cm

We can also supply candle & small bag of sand as per requirement .

They can also be done in different cased colors , or painted in different colors as per customer's pantone number.

We can also do different designs onto it by sandblasting, etching, frosting, painting, decal, etc. We welcome customer's own design, which will be kept exclusive to customer itself.

We have certain stocks of other shapes , and the price will be very competitive.
Condition of Goods
40 days