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Depil 701 table- Made in Italy
-A safe, efficient, fast, painless and non invasive system for hair removal and for the treatment of wrinkles, skin marks, senile marks, freckles, dilated pores, tissue dyschromia in any part of the body and face, with sure and long lasting effects on all skin types.
-A large surface to be treated
-A special accessory to intervene on smaller areas (lips, eyebrows, chin)
-Fast and safe inter-changeability of the filters for various applications
-Wide screen and search values through "Roller knob" system
-Automatic programming of energy levels issued during the selection of the photo-type, hair colour and hair dimensions
-Possibility of manual setting of the parameters
-Clear and immediate dialogue with the device
-Forced air cooling
-Thermal printer
-Chip-Card reader