HANDMADE SOAP AND COSMETICS You May Also Be Interested In: glycerine soaps orange essential oil
All our soap is 100% natural, made of vegetable glycerine (kosher) ,
no chemicals. Essential oils are added to make each piece of soap
suitable to your skin type. Dry skin is simply cured with our soap
made of pure glycerine and orange essential oil.
We invented our product because we know that every skin is
constantly under attack from the environment. We provide you the
means to win this war and to make you feel like a winner. It, s not a
luxury, it's a necessity. It, s a product especially made for a skin
that is longing for youth, relaxation and pleasure. We can
guarantee you that, once you've tried it, you will never let it go. The
only purpose of our products is to provide your skin everything
nature has at it's best.
And the the first motivation and obligation to you is to offer you

Our first motivation and obligation to you is to provide you the
perfect product. Details count, so every product is manufactered
with the highest concern for our customer and with no compromise
whatsoever. We take care of everything- ingredients, form, color
and packing. Therefore, you will notice at once our unique shapes
and design, that make our products very good AND beautiful.
We are not just borrowing from the nature, we ar also taking care of
it. That is why, our company respects the environment and is firmly
opposed to animal testing. We believe in power, but only in the
power of giving.
Buy our product and convince yourself.
We offer you 100% vegetable glycerine soaps, essential oils, bath
salt, natural herbs and creams.
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