Sell HB series of welding position changer

HB series of welding position changer
It has exquisite design, high turning accuracy, small inertia, easy to brake and smooth running. There are many types such as lateral incline type, head-tail turning type, head-tail raise-drop turning type, head-tail incline type and double turning type etc. for your selection. The turning of worktable adopts the import frequency changer to regulate speed, so the running is smooth.
The turnover of worktable adopts worm-gear transmission. It can turnover within 120 degree range with the constant speed, the turnover torque is big.
Use manual control box to achieve remote control, the operation is flexible and convenient.
It is applicable to the welding of various revolving body such as shafts, disks, cylinders etc.
Equipping with the welding operation machine may achieve automatic welding.
It may be as the peripheral equipment of robot to achieve the automatization of welding.
Warranty Coverage
12 months