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Designed and medical principle

E-power is designed to high pressure negative electrical healthcare principles and treat human body as an adapter who be seated on an insulation wooden desk and can produce vibration of 70KHz high peripheral waves under the high peripheral pressure. Thus allowing the high pressure negative electric environment, the human body is heated under the skin by 2, which change the distribution of positive and negative electrons in the human body and the mixing of ATP, enhancing the oxygen reservation and the metabolism, antibodies and immunity, resulting in body improvement.

Functions and effects

1, Activate cells, strengthen the electric potential of human cell membrane , keep the human electric potential balanced .

2, Promote blood circulation and microorganism circulation.

3, Promote metabolism, purify the body fluid , improve the body environment.

4, Strengthen immunity of our body.

5, Regulate the functions of autonomic nerves , improve the urban civilized diseases.

6, Dispel the infringement of the free radical

7, Beauty and body shaping.


1, Owning many kinds of functions. (Integrate many kinds of therapeutical functions, a machine is multi-purpose)

2, The brand-new natural health care safer and fast effect than others.

3, Using when being idle , work , sleep, flexible and convenient, no side effect.

4, Safe and convenient, does not need to look for the cave , simply to operate.

5, Ion survey pen test electric field power.

6, Perfect after-sale service, there is no worry.

7, Save time, effort , put in right place in one step, and benefit the whole family .
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110V 60HZ
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