Sell HBT-00107 Flavored Milk Stabilizers

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HBT-00107 Flavored Milk Stabilizers is produced by mixing many ingredients.
Usage Scope:
Suitable to malt milk, breakfast milk, and jujube juice milk, re / green bean curd milk, cucumber milk, carrot milk etc. neutral fruits and vegetables juice milk and milk beverage.
Ingredient: Monoacid glyceride, glycerine double diethyleneglycol dinitrate, surcose easter etc.
Dosage: 0. 1-0. 3%
To provide steady fat emulsfication process, to prevent cream separating at storage and prolong shelf life.
To increase the heat stability of milk protein.
To perfect the structure of dairy products and offer certain thickness to prevent various vegetation juices from sinking.
Products should be kept in cool, dry place with free flowing air and be kept away from redolence products. It can be kept for 12 months without opening.
Package: net weight 25kgs. In multi-wall compound paper bags.
Also other stabilizers like high calcium milk, pure milk, set yogurt, stirred yogurt, chocolate milk and drinking yogurt stabilizers available upon request.