Sell HC-49U/HC-49T Through-hole Crystal Resonator

HC-49U/HC-49T Through-hole Crystal Resonator You May Also Be Interested In: crystal resonator hc 49u
Frequency range: 1.8MHz~100MHz

This shall cover the characteristics of all the FTX HC-49U SERIES, which can be used in AV equipment OA Equipment, communication equipment and Measuring instruments.

Item Requirement
Holder Type HC- 49U
Nominal frequency Fo 27.000MHz
Operation Mode Mn Fundamental
Operating temperature To -10 to +70 0
Store temperature ST -40 to +85 0
Shunt capacitance Co < 7pf
Freq. Tolerance 130 ppm @ 250
Freq. Vs temp. 150 ppm
Load capacitance CL 20pF
Motional resistance Rs 40 Ohms Max
Drive level DL 1.0 mW
Insulation resistance Ir 500M(Ohms) (DC100110V) min
Aging rate 1 5 ppm/y First year
Brand Name
Model Number