Sell HCA-102 (Acrylic Roofing Waterproof Coating)

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Yuhong Brand HCA-102 Acrylic Roofing Waterproof Coating is processed with 100% pure acrylic elastic emulsion as base material, mixed with high-grade pigment and varieties of carefully-chosen accessory ingredients. The product is excellent flexibility, bonding power and anti-ultraviolet radiation performance and applies to directly-exposed roofing waterproof project.
The product performance specifications exceed Q/SY YHF 014-2009Acrylic Roofing Waterproof Coating(main technical specifications are higher than JC/T864-2000 Polymer Emulsion Construction Waterproof Coating)

100% pure acrylic elastic emulsion is base material.
Outstanding outdoor durability and anti-ultraviolet radiation.
Outstanding cohesiveness, applicable to steel structure base, cement mortar or concrete base, etc.
Durable low-temperature flexibility, crack-free bending under -300 low temperature.
Excellent elasticity.
Environmental water paint, pollution free.
Liquid state, cold process, safe and easy.

[Application Range]
Apply to directly exposed roofing waterproof project.