Sell HD4-16 Block Shaping Machine

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Main parameters:
External Dimension 2350W1650W2610mm
Principal Vibration Style Table vibration
Nominal Pressure 16mpa
Vibration Frequency 2800-5200rotations/min
Pallet Size 860W540mm
Gross Power 26kw
Shape Period 12-15sec
Overall Weight-- 6800kg

Major technical characteristic:
PLC intelligent control in the whole process is equipped with the data in-out device to realize the ideal man-machine interaction and long-range adjusting control. Control system still includes advanced safe logic control and trouble diagnosis system.
Mould frame motion adopts the adjustable double-cylinder system. It ensures the mould frame can go up flexibly and smoothly, and does no harm to shaping bricks.
The machine is made from super strong steel, and adopts special welding technology. It is quite sturdy and shock-proof
Using unique integrated hydraulic system, which makes every organ movement fast without impact. The vibration parameter is fixed.
Thereby ensuring the dependability and maintainability of hydraulic system work
Using advanced vibration technology to spread raw material and vibrate shaping, these make the raw material more equal and better shape. Adopting special technology to arrange vibration axle better, it makes vibration distributed evenly within whole board to improve consistency and stability of the building block greatly.
Adopting advanced hydraulic adjustable technology, it can divvy the oil path pressure of the hydraulic system and control oil quantity, thereby produceing the identical high-quality products with the different raw material.
The machine is multi-purpose. If changing moulds, it can produce different specifications of cement products such as porous bricks, hollow bricks, curb stones, pavement bricks, sprig-grass bricks and slope bricks.
Spreading raw materials with a lot of coal ash evenly. Using the unique forced material organ and the changeable special arch rod, these ensure spread raw materials evenly greatly
Following ISO9001 program strictly to control every production process and process each part meticulously, which makes the complete machine to improve operational rate without trouble.
With high technology, high-quality and high efficiency, the investment in the high payback is guaranteed.