Sell HDA6100 L-Band Gain-Flattened Booster EDFA

HDA6100 L-Band Gain-Flattened Booster EDFA You May Also Be Interested In: band booster dwdm erbium fiber amplifier pump laser
Gain spectrum tilting exists in fiber amplifier
Family of gain flat booster EDFA, applied in L-band (1,570 to 1,604nm)
With optimized design of optical line and well-performed GFF, gain flatness of gain spectrum can be up to <1.0dB (typical: <0.8dB) within whole L-band
Applicable for DWDM system L-band booster EDFA that requires flat gain and high output power
Adopts top class pump laser and America OFS erbium-doped optical fiber
Controls APC, ACC and ATC, perfect design in ventilation and heat output ensure long life of pump laser and high reliable work
RS232 and RJ45 series commutation, SNMP network port
LCD of front panel, work index of all equipment and warning alarm
Optical lose, laser closes automatically, provides safe protect of laser
Optical port can be set in front or back panel
High reliable
Ideal for system integration and operator
Low noise figure
High output power
APC, ACC and ATT laser control
Excellent P/P ratio
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