Sell HDD KARAOKE player

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Professional hard disk music player, built-in 3.5 inch hard disk and can be regarded as the portable hard disk. It supports MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG3, MPEG4, WMA and WAV formats. It may achieve the DVD playing effect. Moreover, it supports all the function of MP4 player. Besides, it owns the OTG function and is very convenient to transfer data.
1. Self-recording function: It can manage the documents by single or batches. Besides, it may automatically span all sorts of index document.
2. Supply multi simple ways of selecting songs: by word count, letter, language, song stars and song NO. etc.
3. Roll function and delete function
4. Karaoke setup: digital coaxial, dub and original function, tonal modification function
5. Large capacity: you can select the 3.5 inch hard disk.
6. HDD player function: this machine possess the portable hard disk function and HDD player function
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