Sell HDD Karaoke System--MEGA V-BOX

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The professional HDD karaoke system---MEGA V-BOX is the newest 2006 karaoke systems designed by MIDSUN CORPORATION for music fans and karaoke business. This player comes with hard disc with millions of songs ready to play. you can add the songs through the hard disc or connectting the DVD ROM. Instead of spending time shuffling through a karaoke disc, users can simply look up the song number in the song book or search by screen, punch in the song number and be ready to sing and easy to add your favor songs through USB 2.0 or DVD ROM.
This is a perfect machine for home parties. Why spend thousands of dollars buying discs that may only be used a few times? This system comes with millons of songs which will make your party last all night. The player comes with scoring function that will give a score at the end of each song.
The professional HDD karaoke system---MEGA V-BOX also supports different music formats. It can play thousands of MTV, WAV, MP3 music and VCD DVD movies. You can download different types of music or movie files into the machine.