HDD LOCK You May Also Be Interested In: hdd lock ide and sata ide to sata lock hardware security product
1) The first hardware HD encryption product
2) Absolute protection for your hard disk (Protects the HD)
3) Support all kinds of OS.
4) Without the KEY data would not be taken even the disk was stolen.
Returnstar HDD Lock is the first top-class HD security product worldwide developed
by us for years of endeavor. Its fascinating hardware-level security design and
simple operation have won favor and praise of many governments, trading & high-tech
enterprises, and individuals.
It can completely lock the HD. Even be taken way and installed on other computer, the HD is unable to boot, low-format, re-part(FDISK) and high-format, let alone stealing the data in other ways, so thestolen HD is equal to a scrap iron.

It is especially applicable for fields that require confidentiality on HD data and electronic information, such as national defense & military department, government, financial
institution, trade company, high-tech enterprise, enterprise manager, department
supervisor, financial department, R&D department, and businessman, etc.

Functions & Features:
Returnstar HDD Lock has the following strong functions and characteristics:

1. Plug & Play, Real-time Protection.

2. Easy to install and convenient to use. Anyone who knows computer knowledge
slightly can master it within 10 minutes

3. Supports any OS; nothing to do with any operating system when installing and
using, no compatible problem with any software.

4. Use it only need for USB Connection on your computer which supports USB to drive . No compatible problem with any hardware.

5. Lock one to four disks synchronously in the same PC; lock other disks after HDD
lock unlocked

6. Without HDD Lock and your password, recompilation to the partition information,
decoding and reading of the HD data is unable to the locked HD. It prevents your
important data in HD from revelation.

7. Adopt three protection technologies---HDD Lock Firmware procedure protection,
HDD Lock hardware protection and password protection, which completely protect your
HDD with top security.

8. Adopt double locks technology. One lock is for daily use, another for backup.
If you lost the daily lock, you may use the backup one. To solve the loss problem,
you also can copy between lock and lock.

9. The HDD Lock is correspondence with the locked HDD after installed. Other HDD
Lock is unable to unlock the HD, unless you use the correspondent backup one.

10. Authenticated by authoritative departments and tested by hundreds of experts,
it is anti-decoded through hardware, software and preliminary formula.

11.1GB storage space set inside

12. System Requirement
IDE or SATA hard disk
A free USB port BIOS Supporting USB boot