Sell HDD MP3/MP4 player

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It's a multi-functional AV HDD player, with the features of volume delicate and easy to use.
It's a good helper for your study, work, entertainment and a good companion for your life.

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1. Removable hard disk function:USB2.0 interface WINDOWS
management directly, be convenient for your study, work and entertainment
2. Playback function: play AV programs, such as: MPEG4, DVD, VCD,
MP3, CD, etc. And JPG pictures.
3. Edit function: copy/remove/rename/delete files/folders in HDD.
4. Super capacity: 20G/40G/80G hard disk, 40G hard disk reserves 20,000
MP3 songs, or 70 MPEG4 movies.
5. Support multi-disk partition HDD program playback.

6. Subtitle optional for Div X program, Multi language optional.
7. Search playback, repeat playback, A-B segment repeat playback, etc.
8.9-picture playback function for the picture, 12 kinds of pictures playback transition effect
9. CVBS and VGA video output, can be connected to TV or computer display.
10. TV format: PAL/NTSC/AUTO.
11. Multi-functi on control keys on unit and full function remote control, which is convenient for your use.

12. Stereo audio output and digital coaxial output.
13. Portable design: size: 132*80*19mm. weight: 215g