Sell HDJ series infrared asphalt road surface heater

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Asphalt road surface heat up machine mainly uses in the crack, ditches, swollan and so on those road disease. It is for the damage areas' geothermic regeneration patching. The product design is novel, the structure is reasonable, the weight is light, the efficiency is high, the operation is convenient and safely, it is reliable to use. Uses the red outwore maintenance may greatly enhance the daily maintains of the patching efficiency, at the same time ceased the tradition maintaining way of the cold joint malpractice, enhanced maintains quality. The RD-B series heat fixing pad will use the red outwire principle, using the liquid gas in very short-time inside original asphalt road surface completely softens the regeneration. Meanwhile, coordinates the small pressing equipment to the asphalt path disease area on geothermic regeneration patching.