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is recommended to connect your PS3 to your TV with an HDMI cable because it provides the best quality video and audio.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the industry standard for HD audio and video signals between HD capable devices. You can connect your Playstation 3 to your HDTV with just one cable - and it will carry both video and audio.

However, if you plan on using something other than your TV speakers for sound, like a 5.1 receiver for instance, you'll need two HDMI cables. Connect the first cable from your PS3 to receiver, and the second cable from you receiver to TV.

All PS3 HDMI cables are digital. To do the same thing with analog cables, you would have to connect 3 component cables (red, blue, green) to carry the video signal and 6 analog audio cables to carry the surround sound audio signal.

In addition to being more convenient, HDMI provides the best quality of video since there are no analog to digital conversions as are required with component or S-video - both analog connections. The difference is especially noticeable at higher resolutions such as 1080p (Blu-ray and Playstation 3 games) . Digital video will thus be sharper than component.

HDMI has bandwidth capacity of up to 10.2Gbps - that's twice the bandwidth currently needed to send a 1080p data signal from a Playstation 3.

HDMI works with faster 120Hz refresh rates of some LCD TVs.

HDMI is ready for 1440p resolution.
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