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Product Description
Product Description
HDMI M TO DVI 18+1 M cable
Gold plated
PVC jacket
Rohs compliant
Sony'SS-00259 compliant

Product Feature
Quality control: DCR; FLUKE; TDR; IPC and so on
Electrical Characteristics:
Conductor resistance: AT 20 cMax 28 AWG: 237.25 ohm/km; Fext<-26dB
Impedance: 100+-10ohm;
Attenuation: At 0.3-825MHz<8dB/5m; At 0.825-2.745GHz<21dB/5m; At 2.745-4.125GHz<30dB/5m;
Time delay skew: Within a pair 151 ps Max/5m;
Between pair 151 ps Max/5m
Quality control: DCR; FLUKE; TDR; IPC and so on

Product Specification:
Model No. : HM2007
Version: HDMI1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3
AWG: 24/26/28/30 (optional)
Plated: Gold/nickel (optional)
Length: 1m. . .

HDMI and DVI deliver the best possible digital, high-definition eideo for a superior viewing experience. HDMI is a bakcward-compatible with DVI, allowing connection of HDMI capable components and displays to equipment with DVI connections. HDMI-to-DVI is ideal for connecting source devices, such as DVD players/recorders, digital set-top boxes, and AV receivers.

Other Information
Our product line:
1. HDMI1.1 / HDMI1.2 / HDMI1.3 cable
2. DVI cable / HDMI TO DVI cable
3. USB cable (2.0, compliant with 1.0)
4. Lan cable: CAT5 / CAT5E/CAT6
5. Firewire: IEEE 1394