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We are leading supplier and applicator of LDPE and HDPE Geomembrane smooth/textured
0.100mm to 2.500mm-upto 6 mtr width, and P. P Woven/non Woven Geo-textiles.
We have well trained and experienced team to carry out laying jointing of
LDPE/HDPE Geo membrane at your site. We have successfully executed job for
many client.
(A) Major Application of LDPE / HDPE Geomembrane.
LDPE/HDPE film and sheet are U. V stabilized, black in colour. Impermeable
flexible liner and are resistant to ground water source from being
contaminated by the toxic leachate produced by water percolation through
solid waste. Liquid waste, impoundment cut off walls, Gypsum stack, fly
ash, and Municipal waste and spill containment system etc. The other
Environment engineering applications are as under:
1) Effluent Treatment Plant, Land fill site & Solid Waste containment.
2) Reservoir, Canal and Pond Lining.
3) Sludge storage pit & Leaching Pads.
4) U. V Stabilized Films for green houses, Mulching and Mushroom Cultivation
5) Dungarees for Fertilizers, Sugar, Tea / Coffee and other food grains. ,
(B) MAJOR Application of P. P Woven/Non Woven Geo-Textiles.
Being a permeable liner prevents soil erosion, filtration, separation,
reinforcement, embankment etc. Widely used at road works, bridge, railways
& dam-canal. Filter bags.
Supply Capacity
100 M.T
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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
20 M.T
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