Sell HDPE Large-diameter Hollowness Wall Winding Pipe Production Line

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Our company absorb the latest technologies developed both home and abroad for large diameter HDPE pipe production line and buried FR-PP pipe production line to produce large-diameter diameter #200-#3000mm quality discharge pipe. The pipe is increasingly becoming a mainstream product for urban drainage pipes will gradually replace the steel pipes and cement pipes, and other plastic pipe.
This production line adopts advanced PLC computer control , double-stage pressure reduction screw and composite head die, of which includes pipe extruder, melt extruder , winding forming machine, cutting machine and relevant auxiliaries. This production line features high capacity, high efficiency and stable running. The finished pipe features high rigidity, high creep-resistance, convenient connection and economic construction.
This production line can make the make the following pipes: double-wall corrugated wound pipe, double wall winding pipe and triple winding pipe