Sell HDPE PIPE AND FITTINGS(HDPE water delivery pipes and fittings)

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1) Mainly used for municipal administration water supplies, buildings' water
supply, chemicals, food, material, prints, pharmaceutical, light industry,
papermaking and metallurgy
2) For water and other liquids
3) Used in irrigation, telecommunications lines, sleeve pipes, as well as all facets
of chemical industry
3) Liquid transports pipeline of industry and irrigates pipeline for farming
4) Size: OD20 - OD630mm
5) Pressure: 0.6 - 1.6MPa
6) High density, good flexibility, bears strong shocks and twists in earthquakes,
resists wear and tear
7) Shock resistant
8) Does not cause bacteria
9) Will not cause secondary pollution
10) Has good corrosion resistance
11) Resists fractures and handles extreme temperatures
12) Has long performance life and can be used for 50 years under normal situations
13) Lightweight and easy to weld
14) Safe connections
15) Clean and non-toxic
Rated pressure and specification for PE 100 PE pipe Nominal outer diameter