Sell HDPE Profiles Spiral Winding Pipe Production Lines

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The PSW pipe is the best big diameter plastic pipe for drainage, storm drain and sewerage system. It is of light weight, long service life, low friction, and reliable connection and easy to install it.

The PSW Series HDPE profiles spiral winding machine is the newest development for the pipe in the field of sewage and drainage. High production output, simple operation and more application facilities for the products, it can make the drainage and sewerage pipe, big water tank, solid wall pressure pipe, manhole, etc.

The PSW Series machines are a combination of both, a universal machine covering the pipe diameter range from 300 mm (18") to 4000 mm (140") and a special machine, which is able to produce pipes only in specifications the customer requires. It can manufacture the single pipes and pipe series of a huge amount economically.

In order to short the changeover time and processing time of the different diameter pipes. We has fully or partially automated some process of manufacturing in order to prevent mistakes and delays caused by manual work, like *****:
- Pipe winding forming controlled by computer automatically
- Cutting and milling of socket and spigot end
- Pipe moulds release
- Quality control such as pipe weight

One machine can make the pipe from 300mm to 4000mm through change the mandrel. The customer decides which size of pipe need to be produced according to the market requirement and only buy the mandrel, not to modify the machine.
Supply Capacity
2 per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
4 months
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C
Warranty Coverage
one year