Sell HDPE Sprial Hollow Wall Pipe Extrusion Line

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We supply the HDPE Spiral hollow wall pipe extrusion line with the production of diameter 200 mm upto 3000mm
Inroduction of Pipe
Large diameter winding pipe (from 200mm to 3000mm in diam. ) has high ring stiffness and intensity of brunt due to its special structure. It possesses many advantages such as easy operation and low cost of assembling, tight juncture between the pipes, no pollution and so on. It is being widely used in sewerage and drainage system.
Features of Line

; Extrusion theory for low temperature plastication compliant with material characteristic (heavier molecular weight)
; Unique screw design of distance-changing and separation of solid material and melting material
; Unique design of loading system ensures large increasing of extrusion capacity
; Special design of high mix-melting ensures through low temperature plastication

; Unique design of composite die-head, and two sets of extruder extrude PE for winding pipe
; High quality of winding pipe produced by adopting the unique winding process for pipe forming
; The glue extruder can be moved in up and down , left and right direction
; With super high speed and large storage capacity
; Multi control points: forming pipe extrusion, melting PE adhesive extrusion, winding and cutting process can be auto-tail controlled synchronously
; Separately controlling two extruder and winding unit in tandem with two touch screens
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