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Processed of high density polyethylene (HDPE) extended warp, it has great tensile strength. The structure can provide a chain modulus which suit for long-term reinforcement of basement loading. With high tensile strength (>150mpa) , it suits for different kinds of soils.

It's a kind of high strength geomaterial which has been applied in hydraulic, highway, railway, buiding area, etc. it has the characteristics as followings:
1. Enlarge road loadings; lasting the life of road;
2. Bear the greatest loading change;
3. Prevent the road from cracks and deformation;
4. Reduce the protection fares;
5. With embedding way, it can save investment about 40% as well shorten construction time;
6. Reduce the structure layer thickness about 36% ;
7. Convenient construction, low costs.

High density polyethylene

Resistance to ultra-Violet light
A high level of resistance to UV light is given by the incorporation of more than 2% of weathering grade carbon black, well dispersed in the polymer matrix. These products may be used for many years in exposed conditions.

Chemical and biological resistance:
Uni-axial geogrids are manufactured from high density polyethylene which is unaffected by all chemicals including acids, alkalis and salts, normally found in soils. Also, it is not a nutrient, therefore these not affected by microorganism in the soil.

Creep performance:
A good creep performance under sustained loading is essential for the use of geogrids in critical structures such as walls, abutments and steep embankments.
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