Sell HDPE elevator bucket - Yellow jacket series CC-HD type

HDPE elevator bucket - Yellow jacket series CC-HD type You May Also Be Interested In: conveying equipment
Yellow Jacket Series
Prime Virgin HDPE

In most cases, buckets stopped in use are caused by the heavy abrasion on the bucket mouth and the tearing at the bucket mouth or the bolt fitting due to collision in the running. Our D bucket design will relieve such situation in use and extend the life of the bucket. The unique design has made an appropriate thickness reduction on the bottom which requires a lower intensity, and the saved raw material will be used to increase the thickness of the bucket mouth and the area around bolt holes. In this way, the buckets has higher intensity and can become more wear-resistant without increasing the total weight. This design has been approved by test and widely used by leading conveying equipment manufacturers in North America.


1. Suitable for high-speed centrifugal discharge

2. Recommended minimum bucket spacing: width of the bucket projection "B"+25mm, which can be appropriately reduced according to elevator capacity requirement.

3. Recommended elevator velocity <= 2.5m/ s;

4. Recommend using"Z-Y+10%" as usable capacity for engineering purpose.

Thicker leading edges for increased abrasion resistance

Reinforcing ribs for greater structural integrity

Optimum discharge angle

Larger water level for higher capacities

Buckets "NEST" together for lower freight costs