HDZ-120F CARTONING MACHINE You May Also Be Interested In: cartoning machine
The HDZ-120F cartooning machine is designed for medium-production packaging lines and is suitable to handle pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food products. The HDZ-120F compact design allows easy operator access and makes it suitable for installation in space restricted areas. It has following main functions: Automatic folding (1~4 folding) and conveying of manual leaflet, automatic material categorizing and feeding; automatic paper carton spreading, manual leaflet and material are loaded into carton automatically, synchronous (3-row) batch number printing, automatic paper carton sealing, automatic waster eliminating.
1. Adopts full servo system, synchronous belt driving without any lubricating oil.
2. Servo motor works in feeding materials and carton packaging. Speed and travel are adjustable, stable and reliable in operation.
3. Single motor driving, PLC automatic control, Operating on touch screen, words and numeric display, automatic counting and automatic speed regulation, easy to operate, stable in operation.
4. Photoelectric detection and monitoring system to realize overload protection, words indication of failure diagnosis, and automatic halt of failure.
5. In a specified range, realizes carton packaging of various specifications without replacing parts. And it is easy and convenient to adjust.
Technical Parameters:
Machine Model HDZ-120F
Output 60-140 Cartons/min
Finished Products Rate >=99%
Elimination Rate of Waster 100%
Working Noise <= 80DdB (A)
Packaging Material Paper carton size: (LWWWH)
(70~130) W (40~100) W (15~50) mm
Material: 250~350 g/m2
Manual leaflet size:
(LWW) before folding: (100~250) W (100~150) mm
(LWW) after folding: (100~150) W (20~40) mm
Material: 50~70 g/m2
Air Supply Clean Compressed Air: 0.5-0.8 Mpa >=0.20M3/min Vacuum: -0.09Mpa
Power Supply 380V110%, 50/60Hz, 3ph 6 Kw (nonstandard Voltages upon request) .
Machine Size/N. W. 1700W1060W1950mm Net Weight: 3500KG