HEATING PADS You May Also Be Interested In: heating pads wood powder
Active ingredients:
Fe, Salt, Active Carbon, Wood Powder


Air-activated, no need to heat by microwave or electronics before use
Just open the sealed bag and stick or use the pad to anywhere** of your body that needs warmer, and it will heat automatically
8~20 hours of heating (different types apply to different duration of heating)
Out-put of heat by oxidation of Fe through micro-hole technology
Packaged to be isolated from air
Evenly distributed heating: temperature ranges between 50-55(50~55 centigrade, or 122~131 fahrenheit) ; Highest temperature: 68(154.4 fahrenheit)
Clean, small, very convenient and easy to use anywhere while working, walking, etc.
No harm to environment
Various sizes and shapes: 10*13cm, 10*7cm. . .

With or without adhesives