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Re: Herbal products
Dear Sirs,
Introducing myself, as a practicing Naturopath (since 8 years) and owner of under-mentioned company dealing in exclusively herbal products. I make my own formulations , for different types of diseases from herbal extracts imported from Britain, China and India.
All the products (except for creams) are in tincture (solution) form. We proud ourselves for the excellent results received from patients and do export to individual foreigners from time to time.
We are now interested to export to companies willing to distribute in their area/country. However, as a small company we cannot produce in large quantities but are willing to discuss your requirements make necessary arrangements to suit your objectives.
We will e-mail a list of diseases with their corresponding remedies upon request. We treat the following conditions successfully with the underlined ones with excellent results: - Acne, Allergy, Amenorrhea, Aphrodisiacs, Aphtous ulcers, Asthma&Bronchitis, Hypercholesterolaemia, Blocked Arteries (in most cases patients can avoid by-pass surgery) , Circulation of Brain & Legs, Constipation, Dandruff, Depression, Diabetes, Eczema, Epilepsy, Gastritis, falling Hair, premature graying of Hair (especially for those under 35 years old) , childs Hypercativity, Influenza, Insomnia, Kidney stone, bad Memory, Menopause, Migraine, Nervousness, Piles, Prostatitis (patients can avoid surgery in most cases) , Psoriasis (photos of improvement are available on request) , Rheumatism (osteo & rheumatoid) , Sinusitus, Stress, Tiredness, Ulcerative colitis, Varicose veins, Weight loss.
By excellent results we mean above 90% of cases are improved and cured and can stop their allopathic medications then my herbal tinctures and will be free of symptoms for a few months or years (as you will agree, the rest will depend on the patients whether they follow our recommendations concerning Diet, etc. )
This does not mean the our products do not work for other conditions; for those not underlined we usually get above 75% good results.
In any case, you can order a sample of each product for trial and results will speak for themselves.
We remain at your disposal for any further information.
Thank you in anticipation for your early reply.
Kind regards.
Imran Abdool